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    25 Awesome New Tech Gift Ideas for the Gadget Lover on Your List

    Every year the world of technology gives us faster CPUs, better designs, and more reliable connectivity to help our devices communicate with us and each other. And that’s why gadgets are great gifts. They don’t just entertain us. They can help us solve problems that we didn’t know were solvable, and help us imagine a […]

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    Square Enix Has Completed Development on Kingdom Hearts 3

    At long last, Square Enix has finished development on Kingdom Hearts 3, the publisher announced on Twitter today. “I’m proud to unveil an extended version of the trailer that’s been playing in NA cinemas. And guess what? We’ve wrapped up development of Kingdom Hearts 3!” reads a tweet Square attributed to Director Tetsuya Nomura. “If […]

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    What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

    A quarter of women are affected by FSD at some point in their lives. Find out the facts now! Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) disorder covers four conditions: lack of sensitivity or ability to be aroused, called female sexual arousal disorder; inability to have an orgasm, known as female orgasmic disorder; and pain during sex (which […]

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    Tips for Organizing a Baby Shower

    If you plan on organizing a baby shower for your friend or a close relative then here are few things you need to keep in mind: Keep a Checklist Unlike other surprise parties baby shower requires a lot of creativity. In order to make it interesting you will have to come up with unique games […]

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    Sending Emails Asynchronously Through AWS SES

    Sending Emails Asynchronously Through AWS SES Sending Emails Asynchronously Through AWS SES Leonardo Losoviz 2018-11-13T14:30:53+01:00 2018-11-13T14:40:42+00:00 Most applications send emails to communicate with their users. Transactional emails are those triggered by the user’s interaction with the application, such as when welcoming a new user after registering in the site, giving the user a link to […]

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