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I'm a developer searching for build a team focused on the WordPress Theme Framework project. The project is big and is very difficult manage and improve it without a good team.

Project details

You can get all details of the project from the link below. The project consist of both WordPress and HTML versions, this last one is completed, instead the WordPress version is only 20% completed. The future updates are:

  • Front-end page builder.
  • Automatic conversion from HTML to WordPress.
  • Back-end page builder improvement.

Collaboration details

If you join the team you will get a percentage of the earnings based on your level and your time spent on the project.

  • You will not be paid directly but you will get a percentage of the earnings.
  • I'm looking for 2 web developers expert in PHP, Javascript and HTML\CSS.
  • I'm looking for marketing experts that can promote the product.
  • I'm looking for 1 web designer that can improve the UI.

If you are interested please contact us at or from the contact page of this website.